Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a cute and fun contemporary romantic comedy involving London, a woman running a family bed and breakfast in Colorado with her sisters, and Jackson, a NYC millionaire media mogul. At the beginning of the book, London has just broken up with her boyfriend, so when Jackson approaches her in a bar and asks her out, she politely turns him down. She’s just not ready to date yet.

Months later, when London’s family business, Spark House, is approached by a media company for a potential partnership, the Spark girls are thrilled. As London is giving her pitch, Jackson walks into the room and sits down. It takes awhile, but London eventually makes the connection and is unnerved. After the meeting, London and Jackson talk and have an instant connection. But, since they’ll be working together, they can’t act on it. Yet.

This was a cute book that I really enjoyed. Apparently this is the second book in a series, the first book covering the relationship of London’s older sister and boyfriend, but there was enough back story in the book that I didn’t feel like I missed anything. I loved the relationship between the sisters. It’s clear that they love and support each other, although their lack of catty, stupid sister-fights is a bit unrealistic, especially since they work together. LOL Anyway, it was still sweet reading about their relationship and their support of London and her relationship with Jackson was wonderful.

The heat between London and Jackson was palpable. I loved their chemistry, although they were both a bit too sticky sweet to be realistic, but then again, we don’t expect too much actual realism in romance novels, do we? The complications the couple went through was realistic, however, and that was refreshing to read. There was a lot of romance in the book, but the spice level is pretty low. Overall, this is a fun, cute, quick read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press. All opinions are my own.