Rating: 3 out of 5.


Leighann is a single mother raising a disabled daughter. With her self-esteem plummeting & her bank account draining, she never pictured catching the eye of an A-list celebrity. She can’t believe he’d really be interested in her. Can she get over her self-doubt to accept the possibility of true love?

Evan’s had one-night stands & fake PR relationships & was no stranger to tabloid scandals. In Leighann he finds a gorgeous curvy woman who holds her own & wants nothing to do with him or his life. He finds himself wanting to protect her & her daughter from the paparazzi, which leads him to a feeling he’s never felt before. Will he be able to get her to believe in love, or will his team put an end to them before his bachelor antics are gone for good?

What I liked:
· sweet romance featuring plus size female lead.
· hot celebrity attracted to non-celebrity
· steamy scenes
· grand romantic gestures
• Great rep of disabilities

What could have been better, but this is just me, you may feel differently:
· Too much back and forth with Leighann’s self-doubt & will they/won’t they
· Too much use of “wicked” & “darlin’”
· Grammatical errors & typos
· Too long
· Weird cliffhanger ending

I read this Kindle Unlimited book as part of the Romance me with Books book tour. All opinions are my own.