3 stars

This was a pretty good book. The plot is pretty dark, and has one or two more twists than necessary, but overall, was a good read.

The story involves a male police officer that was convicted of murdering a woman in brutal fashion. The day he gets out of prison, the woman’s son attempts to kill him in a bar by the prison, only to be shot by the bartender. The next day another woman is found murdered in the exact same place and in the exact same way as the woman who the police officer is accused of killing. He’s immediately suspected of the new murder. In addition, corrupt prison officials are hunting him as well.

Meanwhile, a female police detective is under investigation for brutally killing two men that kidnapped a raped a teenager. She just happens to be the only officer that believes the male office is innocent. As she prepares to defend herself in an internal investigation, she reaches out to help the young girl that is broken by her kidnappers and rapists.

There are a lot of moving parts in the books. At times, it all seems a bit much and some of the storylines could have been dropped. The climax of all of the storylines is a bit predictable, but still interesting. It was an ok book. I liked some of the other author’s books better.