Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a good contemporary mystery/thriller involving the relationship between twin sisters, one who seems to have it all, and the other with apparent mental health issues that needs to be cared for and sheltered.

Rose is married and yearns for a child. She spends much of her time looking out for her twin sister Fern, as she’s done their whole lives. According to Rose, she’s needed to do that because of their narcissistic mother who mistreated them. Fern has a different memory of their mother and childhood, but with her anxiety and limitations, can her memory really be trusted? When Rose leaves to visit her husband who is working out of town, Fern tastes some unexpected independence and discovers that she is much more capable that she thought she could be. After she takes steps to help Fern have the baby she’s longed for, Fern’s world starts to change and she becomes more aware of the secrets Rose has been keeping from her.

I enjoyed reading this book. It’s told in alternating chapters between Fern and Rose’s diary entries. The book is evenly paced and the author does a really good job of slowly putting the edges of the puzzle together. As the story progresses, the author adds more and more pieces until the reader can see the full picture at the end. While I had my suspicions as to what the twins’ secrets were, I enjoyed seeing how the author brought them out in the story. Throughout the book you got the sense that there was at least one unreliable narrator, but the author kept you guessing as to which character it was. If you’re looking for a quiet, but entertaining mystery/thriller, this book is just the ticket. I recommend you read it.

I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and St. Martin’s Press. All opinions are my own.