Rating: 4 out of 5.

This is a fun, fast-paced contemporary mystery/thriller set during a 10 year college reunion at Duquette University. Jessica Miller has been planning her triumphant return to college after the death of her roommate Heather during her senior year. After Heather’s death, everything Jessica had planned for her life fell apart, including her dream graduate program, the friendship with her six best friends, and her dream boyfriend.

Jessica intends to show everyone that she not only survived, she thrived. But she’s not the only one with plans for the reunion. Someone plans to revisit Heather’s death and trap the killer into a confession. When the six friends are confronted with the mystery of Heather’s death, all their secrets come spilling out.

This was a great read. The story caught me from the start and I rode along until the crazy end. The story is told in two timelines – the present and the four years of college. This is a popular way authors are telling stories lately, and it works fairly well here. During the current timeline we catch up with what is going on with the main characters, and during the college timeline we find out why certain feelings, actions or situations are relevant.

The main character, Jessica, is a hot mess. Since the night of Heather’s death, she’s had a black hole in her memory. As the story progresses, Jessica starts to have flashbacks of memories from that night. The author does a great job of planting red herrings throughout the book, but people that read a lot of mysteries/thrillers will most likely figure out who the killer is before the end. At least, I did. But, it’s always fun to read how the author gets there, and this book is no exception.

This is a fun book that is a quick and easy read. If you’re looking for a fun mystery/thriller with a lot of messed up people, I highly recommend you read this book.