Rating: 4 out of 5.

This was an intense YA mystery/thriller about six friends headed to spring break that get trapped in an RV in the middle of nowhere by a sniper intent on learning one of their secrets. The story is told from the perspective of Red. Her mother, a police officer, was executed on the job 5 years ago and her father succumbed to alcoholism. This, as well as having little to no money, set her apart from other teens. Her best friend Maddie and a few others, however, have her back and make sure that she’s not left out.

The story was well paced, although it did slow down a tiny bit in the middle. As you would expect, as the teen’s situation becomes more intense, some people’s characters are challenged. If you’ve always wondered what would happen if put in a life and death situation with a group of your best friends, reading this book should terrify you. Some will give in to fear, others will problem solve, other will do what needs to be done, and others will be so desperate that self-preservation is their only driving force. It was fascinating to see how the situation played out over the eight hour time period, and how many secrets the friends were keeping from each other. There were definitely twists and turns I did not see coming, and every chapter I kept changing my mind as to who was going to die.

This was a fun, twisty, quick read that I recommend you check out. I received a complimentary copy of this book from NetGalley and Random House Children’s, Delacorte Press. All opinions are my own.